Assette + BNY Mellon Data Vault

16 Aug 2021

It is an exciting day for the Assette team as we unveil a new collaboration that brings together our technology with BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions’ Data Vault. Now, firms using Data Vault will be able to add on Assette’s client reporting, sales enablement, and portal capabilities. Read all of the details here.


One of the biggest challenges of producing accurate and timely client and sales communications is integrating diverse data sources. Ensuring that there is one single source of truth that is accurate and continuously updated is increasingly a complex task in today’s data driven world.


Together, Data Vault and Assette solve that challenge and make it simple to produce data-rich marketing and sales communications. With Assette + Data Vault, there’s no need to house data in a separate data warehouse.  Just “fetch” your data from Data Vault and use Assette to create marketing materials. As Assette integrates with Data Vault, you can enjoy quick on boarding of the solution. Moreover, Data Vault is in sync with the latest market data, so your pitch books, presentations, and other collateral are always up to date.


This is a big development for firms looking to modernize their use of data and differentiate themselves from the competition. The combination of Assette and BNY Mellon Data Vault will improve productivity of client reporting and communications and deliver an updated approach to data management that works now and positions the firm for the future.


This collaboration is part of our ongoing efforts to give firms choice and flexibility in how you manage your data. You can bring your own cleaned and ready to use data source such as BNY Data Vault and simply plug in Assette’s capabilities. You can also use Assette technology to build your very own marketing data warehouse for asset management. Regardless of the approach we are standing by, ready to help firms of all sizes automate their client reporting, sales and portal communications. Interested in seeing this new collaboration in action? Request your demo today.