Our Partners

With Assette, there are no more piecemeal applications.


Through our strategic partnerships with industry leading companies, we deliver a holistic solution for our clients.

Collaborating with BNY Mellon

Don’t waste time copying and formatting data. With BNY Mellon’s Data Vault, you can integrate data directly into sales materials, client reports and client portals. This streamlined data flow helps to mitigate human errors and allows your sales and client service teams to focus on communicating insights—and your competitive advantage—to clients, consultants, and prospects.


Assette’s partnership with eVestment helps you:

Tell your story with eVestment data

It’s inevitable. You are going to be asked how you compare against the competition when meeting with a prospect or client. Assette automatically pulls data from eVestment so you can highlight your performance.

Grow your assets by populating manager databases

Your database profile is your first chance to make a positive impression on institutional investors. Assette automatically generates the dataset required by eVestment Omni. Now, with minimal effort, you can thoroughly populate manager databases faster than your competition.


Assette also offers interfaces to several other systems including, Advent APX, Advent Axys Bloomberg, FactSet and StatPro.