Successful asset managers do more than report numbers;
they convey insights behind the numbers.
Trusted Data for Timely Insights
Assette enables institutional asset managers
to generate all their sales and client communications
from a unified software system.
Clients who trust us:
Previously the preparation of our quarterly reports involved sorting, collating, stapling and extra printing plus the time to double check the accuracy of each packet. Now the process is streamlined, with packets assembled in minutes and accuracy assured.
Nancy Bryan
Investment Planner
Aequitas Investment Advisors
From the first time I used Assette I could see how much more efficient it would make us. We now complete our client reporting in days instead of the 2-3 weeks it took us before Assette.
Andrew Salcetti
Client Associate
Siharum Advisors
We’re a relatively small firm, and it’s vital that we remain efficient as we grow. Assette has provided that efficiency by seamlessly integrating with our Advent APX accounting platform and delivering high quality, professional looking client reports.
Brian Culpepper
First Vice President
James Investment Research Inc.
As the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, I’m always concerned with consistency and quality control—CCOs do not like surprises. With Assette, there are no surprises.
Wendy N. Nunez
Partner/Chief Compliance Officer
Champlain Investment Partners
Assette lets us provide customized reports to our clients in a timely manner. Client reports can be generated quickly, but most importantly they maintain our standard of clearly communicating the investment process and results.
Mandy Scipione
Director of Client Service and Partner
Siharum Advisors
Before Assette, it took us nearly 3 weeks after each month-end to produce and deliver reports. Now, with Assette, we expect to be finished in no later than 10 days.
Julie O’Connor
Hardman Johnston Global Advisors LLC
Assette cut the time and resources needed to generate reports. Also, whenever we have questions, Assette’s client service is very responsive.
Meredith Leonard
Client Service Analyst
Ivy Investment Management Co.
Assette worked with us to customize our reports to our clients needs. Their attention to detail and ability to meet our expectations made them a pleasure to work with while we began the initial setup of the process. We have seen no comparable product available at such a competitive price structure.
Spencer Henderson
Client Service and Research Associate
Aequitas Investment Advisors
For several years, we had been looking for ways to incorporate several sources of quarterly performance information into a single customized report for our clients. By working with Assette, we were finally able to generate our reports in a streamlined, accurate and efficient manner. We are very pleased with the result as are our clients.
Warner A. Henderson
Managing Member
Aequitas Investment Advisors
Assette makes us scalable. By utilizing Assette EasyReports, we have improved our client communications and enhanced the client service experience.
Bala Cumaresan
CEO and Partner
Siharum Advisors
Assette software is extremely flexible. We can continue to deliver customized client reports and presentations, and give our clients the information that matters most to them. The whole process is more efficient and frees us up to focus on quality, not production.
Mary E. Michel
Partner/Client Service
Champlain Investment Partners
Using Assette has allowed us to reallocate our time away from producing client reports and put more focus on how we can add value to our clients. They made onboarding easy, and are always prompt and ready with solutions when we have questions. I can’t say enough about how easy it’s been.
Kasey Williams
CCO; Team Leader of Client Service
Strategic Financial Services
In the past, it had taken us more than an hour to create a client meeting presentation. With Assette, customized client reporting books can be prepared in just minutes – an incredibly valuable tool especially for those last minute, unscheduled meetings that previously had us scrambling.
Annette Quinter
Operations Associate
James Investment Research Inc.
Assette allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of spending time on manual work. The implementation of Assette went smoothly with the process taking about six weeks. Assette’s client service was excellent during the process.
Karen Agnew
Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing
Granahan Investment Management
Assette makes it easy for Marketing to provide customized reports to our clients.
Brian Sullivan
Vice President of Institutional Client Service
Ivy Investment Management Co.
Assette’s software has allowed us to keep our staffing levels the same, and spend more time with clients. Assette makes us more scalable and allows us to focus more on proactive client service – especially important in these difficult markets.
Barry James
President & CEO
James Investment Research Inc.
Overview of challenges faced by institutional investment managers in communicating the value of active management and how Assette simplifies creating sales pitch books, client reports and client portals.Interfaces to APX�, Axys�, Schwab PortfolioCenter�, FactSet�, BondEdge� and Excel�. Quickly create presentations and reports, using Microsoft PowerPoint�, to communicate the value you add to clients and consultants.
Assette Overview (2:42)