Gather, Create, Review, Deliver

Automate the creation, review and delivery of your client, sales and portal communications using a single, trusted source of data.


What We Do

Assette software combines data management with authoring, production, analytics and sharing tools in a single offering to automate an unmatched variety of communications. From factsheets to pitchbooks, client reports, DDQs and client portals, we’ve got you covered across the client relationship lifecycle.

Assette Data Engine

Based on a data model built for the asset management industry, the Assette data engine creates a single source of truth for your sales, marketing, and client service data needs.

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Assette is SOC 2 certified and runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Additionally, your client PII data is double-encrypted. With Assette, your data is always secure.

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Modular Approach

Build a content platform based on the needs of your firm. With Assette you can automate Client Reports, Client Presentations, Factsheets, Pitchbooks, DDQs, Commentary, Manager Databases or Client Portals.

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Clients Who Trust Us

Our clients experience a 90+% efficiency gain as a result of automating with Assette.

Assette software supports your firm across the entire client relationship lifecycle.

Win New Business

Win that new client with help from Assette software. Quickly access your firm’s content from factsheets to pitchbooks and track how consultants and asset owners are engaging with your data. Build customized presentations showcasing one or multiple products, with the latest and accurate data.  Automatically update manager databases so that you are included in searches.

Deliver Exceptional Client Service

Wow your clients with accurate, timely and insightful content. Assette automates client report generation and delivery so you can deliver reports to clients faster and track how your clients are engaging with reports. Use the same data to generate client presentations as well as automate the completion of due diligence questionaries and respond to custom data requests.

Focus on the Future

Put your data to work and accelerate digitization. With client portals you can deliver documents online, enable clients to interact with data and share your perspective through video clips. Use NLG to generate account-specific commentary, and then edit and publish final commentary directly into client reports, pitchbooks, factsheets and your website.

Companies We Work With

We work with the top service providers to the asset management industry, including: