The Assette Difference

A single platform for all your client, sales, and digital content.


While some vendors specialize in content types, Assette specializes in the unique needs, processes, and requirements of asset management firms.

Our 25+ years of industry expertise combined with leading software capabilities delivers a unified platform for your content needs. Assette was built exclusively for asset management, and our product roadmap does not deviate. Simply put, Assette offers more capabilities than our competitors in faster-to-implement and easier-to-use ways.

Removing the need for separate systems for client reporting, sales enablement, factsheets, and portals isn’t the only thing that makes Assette unique.

Why Assette?

Connect your data platform to one cloud-native software application and create your sales and client content in multiple formats including MS Office, PDF, CSV and HTML. Assette delivers one platform that interfaces with all your data. One system to learn and use. One vendor to manage. And that’s just the beginning. In Assette you build datasets and content components once, and reuse them across all modules, reducing implementation time and effort.
There is no need to map and load data to a vendor’s database. With Assette, your data continues to live in your sources, whether in the cloud, on-premises or both. Assette processes data on-the-fly while it travels from your sources to your content. Unlike other vendors, we support the calculations you need to tell your story, or you can pre-calculate and expose results to Assette. No matter where your data is housed or where you do calculations, Assette automates all your sales, client, and digital content.
A built-in disclosure library houses disclosures as fragments and then combines them into virtual disclosure blocks. With Disclosure Conditions you can automatically include specific disclosures based on conditions such as country or region. No more hunting for dates every quarter or at year-end. The data variables in disclosures automatically update dates and anything that changes with time or data.
House qualitative data about your firm, investment strategies and people in a single location, including photographs and digital assets. Assette pulls this information directly from your HR system and automatically calculates tenure as well as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statistics.
Update your branding based on your brand voice and style across different chart types, tables, and data categories. The best part, when you invariably update your branding, simply update the brand themes in Assette once and it automatically applies to your existing content.
Assette is infusing its entire software platform with AI including language generation, language understanding and language translation. Assette’s 25+ years working with investment data puts us in a unique position to train and deploy industry-specific AI.

Sales enablement is not enough for
asset management firms.

Sales enablement systems are not designed for modern-day asset management firms. The data-heavy, frequent content generation that firms require is simply too much for them to handle. Custom and costly band-aid solutions are cumbersome and ultimately, they become glorified S drives. Sound familiar? Read on