Our Software

A Single Application for Client Reporting, Sales Enablement, DDQs, Portal, and more.


Assette software automates the creation, approval, and delivery of client, sales, and portal communications across the relationship lifecycle. Assette combines investment data enablement capabilities with authoring and sharing tools in a single, cloud-native offering. Our modular approach and flexible data interfacing options help you build a content platform based on the needs of your firm.

There are three parts to Assette software. The data engine where your investment data is prepared and enabled. The authoring tools that automate your content creation and facilitate review. And the sharing hub where client and sales engagement happen. On that foundation, Assette offers eight content modules based on the type of content you want to automate and any supporting features your firm needs.

Data Interfacing

Your data, your choice! Where you store your data and how much processing Assette does is up to you. Based on the readiness of your data for generating content, our flexible data processing methods provide multiple ways to prepare your data. Whether you use Snowflake, SQL or another platform, Assette helps you turn your data into a powerful tool for marketers and sellers.

Grab & Show

You have gathered data from disparate sources, it has been scrubbed, calculated, validated, and is formatted into reporting views. Your data is not stored in Assette. We connect to your existing data platform that houses reporting-ready data. Assette fetches this data and generates your content.

Prepare & Show

You have gathered your data and stored it in a single location, however, there is work needed to make it ready for generating content. Assette's data preparation capabilities transform, calculate, and validate your data. Data lives in your location, and Assette prepares data on-the-fly while data makes its way to content generation.

Is your data platform not yet complete? We can customize an approach based on your firm’s data readiness.

What Makes Assette Different

With more than 25 years of working with asset management firms, we understand every aspect and nuance of your investment data and how that data should be prepared to create impactful content. Our cloud-native software includes a breadth and depth of content automation capabilities and investment data enablement features that are unmatched in the industry.

Data Engine

The Data Engine prepares, calculates, and validates your quantitative and qualitative data. It prepares and processes your data to ensure it is current, complete, and ready to be used in your content. This is where your operational data becomes marketer-friendly.

Enter and manage information about your firm, strategies, and people in a database built for an investment firm’s qualitative data.
Automate calculations that show DEI and personnel tenure statistics based on personnel data you manage in Assette or import from HR systems.
Communicate the thinking behind investment decisions. Input rationale behind investment activities such as contributors/detractors and purchases/sales.
Identify account-level investment activity that deviates from the strategy ensuring your investment commentary and client reports reflect actual portfolio data.
Define the products your firm offers, where these products are sold and to which client segments, and what investment data represents the products.
Map the different ways your clients and consultants code data to how you code your investment data.
Convert performance, market values, and other data to different currencies.
Calculate fiscal-year-to-date performance, rolling-returns, growth of a dollar, and any calculation that use your performance data.
Tag and index “fixed content” (content produced off Assette).

Authoring Tools

The Authoring Tools enable you to create, generate and review your content - no coding required. This is where marketers create templates, work with compliance-approved disclosures, and set up the foundation of sales and client content. Industry-specific display rules and built-in brand themes ensure your brand identity appears correctly across content. Approval workflows ensure changes are approved by marketing and compliance.

Manage disclosures in one place for sales and client content across all formats. Associate disclosures to data categories so compliance rests easy knowing marketers are required to use disclosures in content.
Empower marketers with editors they are familiar with making authoring templates and customizing content IT-free.
Ensure your data is displayed on-brand and consistently across all sales and client content with data-driven branding.
Specify portfolio characteristics, duration buckets, maturity buckets, etc. to display for different accounts and products so a particular template can produce content with different needs.
Display investment data with confidence. Assette includes a set of best practice rules across all content types for displaying investment data.
Make your content modular, quickly assemble templates that convey investment perspectives and allow an edit once, update everywhere approach. A single page (such as a firm overview page) can be included in multiple Smart Docs but only needs to be updated in a single location.
Work with templates that you define using a drag-and-drop web editor to create Excel and CSV output. If clients request holdings or monthly performance values since inception, simply generate a Data Doc and share the output or batch generate and deliver the content.
Automatically version all templates and content, ensuring you always pick the latest while showing the version history with the ability to revert to a past version.

Sharing Hub

The Sharing Hub enables you to find and distribute content and understand how clients and prospects are engaging with content. Search features allow you to find what you are looking for or see content by sales stages as defined in your CRM's pipeline. Share content via email or portal instantly or schedule how content should be sent based on recipient preferences.

Share content -- Assette-generated content and off-Assette produced fixed content – from one place, based on your own content taxonomy and advanced search capabilities.
View data on engagement across all content types (including client portal) to understand how people are interacting with the content.
Specify what content should be delivered, when, and how for automated generation and sharing. Automatically route content that will be shared with approvers, so you know only reviewed materials go out your door.
Use the same data that drives sales and client content to populate product information on public websites. Once a data pack is created for a particular destination in the format the site expects, the data pack can be quickly generated, reviewed, approved, and submitted without IT involvement.
Publish Assette-generated content, fixed content, as well as dynamic reports with daily data to a secure portal.
Access, sort, pivot, and download data that was used in sales and client content. Instead of charts and formatted tables, raw data is surfaced in the browser with Excel-like functionality.