Our Software

Sales enablement, Client Reporting and Digital Communications for Asset Managers.


Powered by the industry’s only Unified Data Engine, Assette enables asset managers to strengthen relationships by taking sales, client and digital communications beyond the numbers to convey the insights behind investment decisions.

Assette automates the creation of marketing and client content from a unified system. The result?

Less human manipulation of data, less time spent cutting and pasting, fixing broken links and incorrect formulas and better, more accurate information for your clients.

Software Features

Assette offers a variety of in-depth, enterprise capabilities to help asset managers put their data to work.

Data Integration

House data about portfolios, people, firm and strategies in one location with Assette’s qualitative data, quantitative data and calculations capabilities.

  • Qualitative Data: Store qualitative data about people, firm, and products as well as buy/sell rationale in one location. As your data changes, updates automatically flow through all sales, client, and digital communications, removing the need for time consuming updates across multiple systems and documents.
  • Quantitative Data: Pull performance, attribution, characteristics, and holdings data directly from your source systems. Only Assette has pre-built interfaces to leading data sources such as eVestment, BNY Eagle and FactSet, removing the need for costly custom integration.
  • Calculations: Use built-in support for calculating GIPS and risk statistics based on return streams provided by your performance system – a feature that is unique to Assette. With Assette, pre-calculating custom periods like fiscal-year-to-date or using multiple vendors for various calculations is a thing of the past.

Authoring Content

  • Use Microsoft Office to create data-driven templates that make up various sections such as firm overview, investment process, performance, attribution, and investment commentary.
  • Create original content by pulling data from multiple sources into one cohesive document.
  • Benefit from pre-programmed eVestment Omni and Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQ) templates to generate output and share with consultants and asset owners.

Assembling Documents

  • Drag-and-drop templates to assemble professional fact sheets, pitch books and client reports that clearly show how you add value to clients.
  • Tap into templates, which can “live” in multiple documents, making it easy to update content in a single location – add a chart to the performance template and all documents that show performance are updated.

Content Generation and Delivery

  • Generate updated communications in seconds. Need to present multiple strategies for an introductory meeting or focus on one product for a final’s presentation? Not a problem. With a few clicks, Assette automatically integrates the latest data and produces the presentation.
  • Streamline the way your produce monthly and quarterly client deliverables – batch-generate, review and email client reports, commentary and DDQs all within one system.

Compliance Review

  • Update disclosures in one place and they are automatically updated in your documents. With Assette, a central library drives disclosures shown in your client, sales and digital materials.
  • Stop worrying about reviews. Automatic checks for required disclosures are built into Assette so you don’t have to wonder if the past-performance disclosure is shown with returns or if the GIPS Report is included in sales materials.
  • Define your approval workflows by specifying work actions and people that are required to approve each step. Whether approving authored templates or client reports that are about to be emailed, nothing will go out the door without approval.

Client Portal

  • Use the same marketing data warehouse that powers sales enablement and client reporting to offer a secure client portal. No need to manage yet another vendor or a data curation project.
  • House client reports, presentations, and other documents so clients can access materials when and where they need it.
  • Enhance your client relationships by using video to better communicate insights behind the numbers.