Our Software

Sales enablement, Client Reporting and Digital Communications for Asset Managers.


How our Software Works

Assette software automates the creation, review and delivery of client, sales and web communications from a single, trusted source of data. What makes us unique, is that we are the only vendor to offer a Unified Data Engine that includes data and output tools in one place, giving asset managers a modern way to put their data to work.

It starts with your inputs.

Assette handles qualitative and quantitative data sources from your firm and leading external providers. Only Assette includes pre-built interfaces to leading data sources such as eVestment, BNY Mellon Eagle, Bloomberg and FactSet, removing the need for custom integration.







This is where our Unified Data Engine comes in.

There are 3 parts to Assette's Unified Data Engine.


The Data Tools create a clean, single source of truth for your marketing and client data.


your quantitative data automatically from internal and external sources. For qualitative data, Assette’s easy-to-use forms keep details about your firm, strategies and people up to date. With Assette’s data tools, you eliminate time spent on mundane data manipulation tasks such as copying and pasting or downloading data.


your data so that the information you share is polished and complete. Whether you need to proper case the names of holdings or combine performance track records from two model accounts, Assette’s data scrubbers have you covered.


your data so that only accurate content is shown in output. Automate anomaly detecting in your performance data or when comparing returns sent by your performance and analytics systems. With Assette’s data tools, automated validations minimize reputational and regulatory risks.

Your clean data moves into your very own marketing data warehouse specifically engineered for asset management.


The Marketing Data Warehouse gives your firm an industry specific data model.


for sales enablement and client reporting for asset management firms. Over 25 years, our data model has evolved to house the quantitative and qualitative data, in multiple languages, needed to drive sales and client communications. With Assette, you don’t have to spend time and money creating yet another data model.


to control data changes. Once your data has been approved, the data is locked to prevent non-material changes impacting sales and client materials. With Assette you don’t have to worry about minor operational issues affecting your marketing and client output.


cloud-technology protects your data. The data and content housed in Assette are encrypted using enterprise-grade technology. Any personally identifiable information (PII) is double encrypted for additional security. Assette gives you peace of mind knowing your data is secure.

With your data clean and safely housed, you can use the Output Tools to put your data to work and communicate the results of your investment decisions.


The Output Tools generate your sales and client output, from factsheets and pitchbooks to client reports and portals.


templates for client reports, pitch books and fact sheets using software you already know -- Microsoft PowerPoint. The templates (we call them Smart Pages) are then assembled into Smart Documents that include your latest data. Need to make a change? Not a problem. Change the Smart Page and the updates cascade through all of the documents using that page.

Generate and review

client reports and marketing output in one system. Assette’s workflow features enable you to specify reviewers based on the content. Ad hoc and batch generation are supported, covering on-demand client and sales meetings as well as monthly and quarterly client reporting.


approved content directly from Assette to clients and consultants via email or client portal. With Assette, materials can be customized by recipient role instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. A trustee may prefer summary information and investment staff may need the details. Your firm can quickly share the right information with your clients tailored to their needs.

It ends with your outputs

With Assette, you generate professional-looking sales and client communications. From pitchbooks and presentations to client reports and web portal content, your outputs can be updated automatically and shared directly via email and the web.




Is your data already curated, clean and ready for sales enablement and client reporting?

Assette offers a “Bring Your Own Database” (BYODB) approach that plugs our Output Tools into your data source to automatically produce and deliver factsheets, pitchbooks, presentations and portal content. With the BYODB approach, there is no housing data in Assette – we simply “fetch and show” your data from your data warehouse or data platform vendor.