Our Software

Sales enablement, Client Reporting and Digital Communications for Asset Managers.


How our Software Works

Assette software automates the creation, review and delivery of client, sales and portal communications across the relationship lifecycle using a single, trusted source of data.
We are the only vendor that combines data management capabilities with authoring, production and sharing tools in a single offering. Our modular approach lets you build a content platform based on the needs of your firm.

Assette is a unified communications platform featuring three core parts: the data engine, the authoring tools and the sharing hub.


The Assette Data Engine creates a single source of truth for your marketing and client data.

Assette handles qualitative and quantitative data sources from your firm and leading external providers. The Data Engine extracts, refines, validates, calculates and securely houses your data to ensure it is accurate and ready to be used.

Purpose-built for the asset management industry, the data engine gives you tools to curate your data and an industry-specific data model to securely house everything from performance to people.

Now that we’ve gathered, prepared, and stored your data, let’s talk about your communications.


The Authoring Tools enable you to create, review and generate your communications using your unique brand style.

In Assette, you build templates for client reports, pitchbooks, factsheets and presentations and more with no-code editors built specifically for marketing personnel – no programming skills needed.

The approval workflows in Assette make sure that changes to your templates as well as generated content are reviewed and verified by marketing and compliance. Your clients receive only approved materials.

Learn more about our new DDQ and Commentary Engine capabilities.

With your informative and engaging communications created and reviewed, it’s time to deliver them to clients.


The Sharing Hub is where you share communications with your clients.

Once your communications are generated (ad hoc or batch) and approved, you can share them directly from the Assette platform via email or a client portal. Also included in the Sharing portion of the Assette platform are analytics capabilities that help you track your communications and understand how they are performing.

Getting Started with Assette

It is easy to get started with Assette software. Simply select how you want to handle your data – we offer 3 different data integration options. Then select the communications you want to automate.

Data Integration Options:

  • Complete: The Assette Data Engine does it all and you stay focused on creating engaging communications.
  • Prepared: Your firm gathers and normalizes the data, loads it into a data warehouse and sends it to Assette in an agreed upon format.
  • Bring your Own Database: You connect your existing data source where you store the data that you have gathered, normalized, scrubbed, pre-calculated and validated to Assette. Assette uses it’s “fetch and show capabilities” only.

No matter where how you start, all solutions are delivered in one integrated application and use a single, trusted source of data.