The Assette Difference

26 Oct 2020

The other day I was asked what makes Assette different from our competitors. This is one of my favorite questions to answer because the contrasts are so striking. 

First, there’s our technology. Assette is the only vendor to offer a Unified Data Engine.  Assette’s Unified Data Engine creates a single, trusted source of your firm’s quantitative and qualitative data – a marketing data warehouse for asset management. Included are powerful output tools, that automate the creation, compliance review, and delivery of client, sales, and digital communications.Marketing Data Warehouse for Asset Management

Second is our philosophy and people. 

Assette was built by and for asset managers. We understand the nuances of the industry – what is a rep account, how GIPS applies to sales materials, the meaning of excess return in equity vs fixed income —  because we have lived it.  Throughout our 20+ years in the industry and we have solved one challenge for firms – improving client, sales, and digital communications.  That isn’t one of a dozen different capabilities we sell, it is all we do. This is what we think about and where we innovate. When you combine that with our highly personalized client service you can really see the difference our team and our approach bring to firms.

I invite you to learn more about Assette and what makes us different.