Commentary Engine

07 Feb 2022

Introducing the Assette Commentary Engine.

Share your perspective with confidence & differentiate your firm.

The Assette Commentary Engines automates the process of creating, editing and delivering investment commentary. Now, asset managers the tools needed to quickly share their perspectives with confidence from within the Assette platform.

How it works

Assette software automatically sifts through your attribution, performance and transactions data and automatically prompts you to write content for over/under performance, contributors/detractors, and purchases/sales. Next, an initial draft of the complete commentary is generated for further editing by investment writers, analysts, and portfolio managers. Once updates are completed, final commentary is generated for compliance review and included in client reports.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Through our new partnership with Arria NLG, Assette can now tap into artificial intelligence (AI) to generate sophisticated language. AI-based natural language generation provides a more nuanced and sophisticated level of commentary generation.

Writing the “rear-view mirror” portion of commentary is essential, but time-consuming and error-prone. Using NLG to automate this cumbersome portion of commentary writing, lets you focus on adding perspective and insights instead of narrating the data.

Commentary Formats:

Assette makes it easy to create engaging, timely, on-brand commentary which can be shared in multiple formats: 

·        PDF attached to an email that includes client reports (email generated, reviewed, and sent from Assette on the manager’s behalf) 

·        Web page in a client portal 

·        Native email with commentary in the body of the message. 

The ability to provide commentary around investment decisions has always been vital.  With today’s highly competitive environment, a well-thought-out commentary that explains how the portfolio behaved, the reasoning behind investment decisions and what you expect to happen next all delivered just in time with a professional design, will help differentiate your firm.

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