Assette lets you communicate your insights to clients and consultants
Tell your investment story with our content shells:
  • Illustrate the value you add through active management
  • Explain the insights behind your investment decisions
  • Demonstrate how decisions reflect your philosophy and process
  • Show the consistency of your ability to add value
What are content shells?

Content shells are placeholders for charts, tables and other content that help you communicate investment results through sales pitch books, client presentations and client reports.

Simply place content shells on PowerPoint slides and add insights about your firm – investment philosophy, process, market outlook, etc. You can place multiple content shells on a slide to design sales and client communications that fit your needs.

Creating the exact look and feel you want is easy, too. Use the default colors and fonts provided by Assette or specify your own. It’s your choice.

That’s it. Assette takes care of the rest, automatically populating your templates with composite and portfolio-specific data, and pulling in the latest versions of your insights.