Assette for Sales
Fact sheets, pitch books and data for eVestment Omni
  • Automatically integrate data from multiple systems and easily generate sales material – put an end to manual work and human error.
  • Provide consistent information across all materials; no more data discrepancies among fact sheets, pitch books and manager databases.
  • Easily customize your presentations for different prospects to demonstrate how you solve their unique problems.
Let us show you how easy it is to create all sales materials and effectively showcase your firm.
Spend less time preparing sales materials
Easily combine rich information, ranging from your unique investment philosophy to process, with data from your accounting and analytics systems, to quickly create sales presentations and fact sheets that clearly tell the story behind your results.

Eliminate hand-keying data or transferring Excel® charts to PowerPoint®. No more multiple rounds of error corrections.

Even AUM data, such as assets by client type and by vehicle, is automatically calculated; sales presentations and product fact sheets are generated in seconds.
Get started quickly—it's easy to create stunning presentations
Start by simply placing charts, tables, and your insights on PowerPoint slides to create templates, a one-time effort. Visit our Gallery to view the charts and tables included in Assette.

Then, Assette automatically populates templates with data from your portfolio accounting and analytics systems.

Investment stories and strategy-specific insights are automatically integrated to create compelling sales presentations.
Automatically generate input for eVestment Omni
Consultants and asset owners rely on manager databases to make allocation decisions. Having up-to-date, timely and accurate information about your firm in databases is a must-have to win institutional business.

While eVestment Omni fills multiple databases for you, you must still prepare input files about your firm and strategies. Manually preparing these files takes time and can introduce errors that cost you mandates from institutional clients.

With Assette, you can now automatically generate the files you upload to eVestment, eliminating manual errors and saving time.

Click here to learn more about how we automate input for eVestment Omni.
Generating GIPS® disclosure slides is easy
Calculate GIPS® statistical data and create the GIPS® Compliant Presentation slide for each composite with just a few clicks.

Disclosures automatically reflect updates to verification period, examination period, and even changes to composite and firm descriptions.

Compliance-approved GIPS® slides are automatically reflected in sales pitch books with zero manual work.

Click here to learn more about how we support GIPS®.
Built with compliance in mind
Never omit a regulatory disclosure again. Our automated controls prevent publication of reports and presentations that don’t include required disclosures.

Avoid GIPS® errors and omissions. Our software makes sure every sales presentation has the GIPS® disclosure slide and that statistics on the slide are up-to-date.

Compliance is always in the loop. Built-in safeguards prevent publication of sales and client marketing materials without compliance approvals. All review notes are tracked and preserved for future reference and documentation.

Click here to learn more about how we support compliance.
Seamless integration with your existing systems and data checks
Interfaces built from the ground up for APX®, Axys®, Advent OnDemand®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, FactSet®, BondEdge®, and Excel® let you effortlessly combine all the data you need for sales pitch books and product fact sheets. No more relying on IT for help.

All interfaces are pre-built. Easily download them from the web, and you are ready to transfer data in minutes.

Each time you send data, Assette runs over 260 checks on your data to ensure that only accurate information appears in your important sales communications.
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