Assette and eVestment Partnership

29 Jun 2020

Today we announced an exciting expansion of our partnership with eVestment. Now, firms will be able to integrate the eVestment data set into their sales, client, and digital communications through a pre-built interface. You can read the press release here.

With this partnership, asset management firms no longer have to download, copy and paste or invest time and money building custom interfaces for eVestment data. Assette and eVestment clients will simply be able to turn the flow of eVestment data on, pulling through key product and key firm data including, benchmark, strategy metrics, and institutional AUM.

Our work with eVestment, both the collaboration to securely feed Omni data and today’s news, is driven by a passion to provide a holistic solution to our clients.  Assette automates the creation of sales, client, and digital communications from a unified system, securely in the cloud. Part of what makes that system unique are the pre-built connectors to leading data sources. 

We believe that to effectively communicate, asset managers must be able to interact seamlessly with quantitative and qualitative data from multiple sources, in one place. They should never have to worry about integrating complex data sets, breaking down digital silos, or adding extensive capabilities as they go.

Today’s news delivers on that vision.  It is also the expansion of a strategic partnership that will continue to grow.

Our work with eVestment highlights the prevalence and gold standard of the eVestment dataset and the extensive capabilities of Assette’s unified communications offering. Together, we are helping asset management firms deliver high-impact and accurate sales, client reporting, and digital materials at a crucial time for the industry.