An Asset Manager's Letter to Santa

Thusith Mahanama

21 Dec 2021

I got a call from Santa the other day. He had gotten a letter from an asset manager and needed my help! After brainstorming with the elves and creative team at the North Pole, he decided to reach out to see if we could make this manager’s Christmas a merry one (apparently, he is on the nice list so lumps of coal are not an option).

Here’s the letter Santa forwarded me:


Dear Santa,

Remember me? I haven’t written in a few years (okay it’s been a lot of years). There were a few things at work I’m struggling with and thought if anyone could help it would be you! Since my last letter, I’ve become an asset manager, I help institutional clients manage their funds. A big part of my job is sharing perspective and advice on the market and performance. While all my clients are doing well, this past year has been challenging behind the scenes and I am hoping there is a better way. So, Santa, I’m hoping you can help. Here’s what I would love this Christmas:


A better way to collaborate with my colleagues on our quarterly client reports and commentary. Version control of documents gives me a headache.

Could you magically make DDQs go away or send a few elves to help with the process?

Better data! It doesn’t matter how many hours we spend proof reading there are always a few data inconsistencies that pop up in reports and sales materials. They are embarrassing and cause confusion for my clients.

A new chair because work from home isn’t going away anytime soon and it’s time I stop working at the kitchen table! If you are feeling generous a stand-up desk would be incredible.

Finally, and this is a big one…. Any chance you can give me more time so I can share my perspective with my clients quickly and easily

Thank you Santa! I hope all is well in the North Pole. There will be an extra plate of cookies out for you this year.
Give my best to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer,

 A Frustrated Asset Manager


Once I saw the letter, I knew immediately what should be under the tree for this asset manager. Thanks to the cloud, software no longer comes in a box. But if Santa could wrap up one thing to meet this wish list, technology such as automation and analytics can make sure that 2022 is a much brighter year for this asset manager.


I will be sending Santa some Assette software so he can help this asset manager without stressing the elf coding team out. But, the reality is that all  asset management firms should be thinking about the communications they are creating for their clients and prospects now more than ever. Being able to do that with a trusted single source of data, with little to no coding and in a collaborative manner across teams is no longer the exception, it should be the standard.


I am confident there will be something special waiting for the asset manager this Christmas and can’t wait to see what’s on his wish list next year.