Meet our Modules

Thusith Mahanama

24 Mar 2023

Assette software has three core parts the data engine where your investment data is prepared and enabled the authoring tools that automate your content creation and facilitate review, and the sharing hub where client and sales engagement happen. On that foundation, Assette offers modules based on the type of content you want to automate and any supporting features your firm needs.


Our modular approach and flexible data interfacing options allow firms to build a content platform based on their needs and timeline. From first contact with a prospect to sharing perspective with long standing clients, firms can create, approve, and deliver sales materials, client reports, investment commentary, portal communications, DDQs and more in Assette.  


There are 8 modules that automate your most essential content including pitchbooks, factsheets and investment commentary generation. In addition, our Support Solutions module included Firm AUM, Manager Databased, GIPS Report Automation.


Discover the Assette Modules today and learn how they can help you create engaging, up-to-date and accurate content for your clients.