Hardman Johnston improves client reporting efficiency by 90% with Assette

26 Mar 2020

Imagine gaining 90% efficiency on your client reporting and sales enablement tasks. How would you spend that extra time? How would it help your firm grow or improve, your client services?

Those are the questions that Hardman Johnston Global Advisors are asking now that they have improved efficiency by 90% by deploying Assette’s unified sales and client communication software (Read the press release here).

Like most firms, Hardman Johnston devotes significant time and resources to creating and sending client and sales reports. Every month, they send out nearly 100 reports with an additional 220 reports going out quarterly. They had approximately 10 different report types that pull information from multiple sources and spreadsheets. Each report required a high level of human manipulation and consolidation of data, and hours of compliance checks and accuracy reviews.

With fee pressures mounting and data volumes skyrocketing, Hardman Johnston knew they needed to improve efficiency and accuracy, reduce costs and modernize how they communicate with their institutional investors.

That’s where we came in.

With Assette, Hardman Johnston cut report production and delivery time down from 15+ days to 10 days or less. They also removed much of the time-consuming human data manipulation, improved consistency through the use of templates, and better managed administrative tasks through workflow automation.  The result was a 90% efficiency gain in their client reporting process.

Why did they select Assette?

Assette is the only vendor to offer an all-in-one solution spanning sales enablement, client reporting, and digital communications.  The out-of-the-box nature of Assette appealed to Hardman Johnston — why piece together a solution with multiple modules and capabilities when you can get one offering that does it all?

The team at Hardman Johnston also wanted a platform that seamlessly integrated into the tools they already work with.  Assette’s Unified Data Engine includes pre-built, ready to deploy portfolio accounting and performance platform. In addition, Assette runs on the cloud for firm-wide access and is based on tools Hardman Johnston employees already use such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Assette drives efficiency across the entire workflow by automating the production, review, and delivery of reports. To begin, an organization’s data is automatically and securely transferred to the Assette platform, making it available to populate client or marketing reports on a set schedule or as needed. Asset managers can easily create or edit reports by dragging and dropping data objects and then send the new report template for compliance approval with just a few clicks. The report output is reviewed using Assette’s workflow functionality, and once approved, emails containing the customized reports are automatically sent from the system.

Within months of deploying Assette, Hardman Johnston has been able to review and deliver monthly reports to institutional investors, modernize the branding and design of their reports and better manage weekly email blasts to their clients and consultants. Now, they have the tools and time to focus on modernizing their client digital engagement strategy and Assette will grow with them every step of the way.

Curious about how much efficiency Assette could help you realize? Let me show you a demo so you can see the power of unified sales and client communications software in action.