Successful asset managers do more than report numbers; they convey insights behind the numbers.

Assette makes communicating insights easy and error-free.
Why Assette?

Generate all sales and client communications from a unified software system.
  • Pitch books, fact sheets and data for manager databases to win business.
  • Client reports, review books and questionnaires to strengthen relationships.
  • Web-based portfolio information to increase trust.
Partnerships that provide seamless solutions
Assette’s partners are leading service providers to the asset management industry. Our clients can count on Assette to maintain the latest interfaces and business relationships with our partners. The result: Asset management firms benefit from holistic solutions instead of piecemeal applications.

Software that’s quick and easy to implement
Vendors who provide services to a variety of industries, or even multiple segments within the investment industry, design generic software. Implementing and customizing that software for a specific firm is costly and time-consuming. Assette’s applications were specifically designed for the institutional asset management industry. You only need to configure our software to meet your unique needs—there’s no drawn-out implementation phase.

Data that's safeguarded to the satisfaction of industry leaders
When you partner with Assette, your information is protected by a company that has won the trust of major investment firms for its ability to safeguard data through superior technology, facilities and people. Assette houses its systems in SOC 2-certified data centers used by large financial services companies. Your data is safe behind multiple layers of firewalls and state-of-the-art security systems that constantly monitor Assette's network.

No need to explain your business to us
Founded by investment management veterans, Assette understands your communications needs. Unlike many other vendors, Assette serves no other industries. Your needs are our top priority.

No wasting time getting help
When you need help, Assette is there for you. The firm's commitment to client service includes:
  • Responding to issues within 15 minutes of inquiry.
  • Closing service cases only after the client has verified complete satisfaction with the resolution.
  • Analyzing the root cause of each issue to prevent it from recurring.
A trusted partner
Assette has earned the investment management industry's trust for providing innovative sales and client communications solutions since its founding in 1998. You can rely on Assette as your partner.