We’ve Got your (ROI) Number

29 Nov 2020

Client reporting and sales communications are fundamental tasks for any asset management firm. However, the process of creating, reviewing, and delivering these documents is often overlooked as a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

Do you know how much your client and sales reports cost your organization every year? 

Technology advances in cloud and automation mean that now you can automate the process of integrating data directly into your key marketing and communication assets securely through the cloud. Those old habits of manual checking and rechecking, cutting and pasting and sticky note updates are no longer necessary.  

Ever wondered how much you could be saving with a different, more modern approach to your sales and client reporting system? 

Based on our 20+ years in the asset management industry (along with some fancy math and algorithms) we’ve developed an ROI Calculator. Now, we can highlight the productivity gains and cost savings your firm can expect if it adopts Assette software. We will show you the value of unifying all quantitative and qualitative data in one place and coupling this marketing data warehouse with a set of output tools to automatically generate sales pitch books, client reports, and more. 

Curious to hear more? We can provide you with complimentary cost analysis and ROI assessment to see if Assette can help you reduce your costs and improve productivity. Click here to get started.