Top Podcasts for Asset Managers

17 Feb 2022

Whether it’s while unwinding from a busy day, during a run, or relaxing on the weekend, the Assette team loves a good podcast. They make us laugh, help us learn, think creatively and even expand our perspective.


Grab your earbuds, here’s what we are plugged into right now:


How I Built This

From stories of iconic entrepreneurs to a look behind the scenes at some smaller companies, How I Built this makes our list purely for the interesting tales of business innovation and entrepreneurship from the creator’s perspective. National Public Radio’s Guy Raz goes behind the scenes at some of the world’s well-known companies including Ben and Jerry’s, Southwest Airlines and Wikipedia to explore how the business was built. Go behind the scenes.

Talking Asset Management with KPMG, from KPMG

While this podcast isn’t updated as frequently as some, it does provide great content geared for asset managers. From regulatory updates to potential tax implications and other challenges facing asset managers, this podcast is a must listen for anyone in the industry.  Start listening today.

Planet Money

The second podcast from NPR to make our list is a great fit for the anyone who is interested in the economic “big picture”.  The hosts engage in a variety of topics related to finance and the economics in a relatable and engaging way. This long running podcast is perfect for the seasoned economist or those looking to just get a better understanding of the forces driving the U.S. economy.  Follow the money.

Capital Allocators

This weekly podcast introduces listeners to the people making capital allocation decisions. With a high-profile list of allocators from around the world, host Ted Seides leads an insightful conversation that is a must for anyone involved in asset management. Meet the allocators!


Investigative reporter and host Kara Swisher investigates power from every angle -- who has it, who wants it and who’s fighting against it. While not directly related to asset management, the interviews cover a wide range of topics and people that influence politics, business, and the world we live in. Listen in on the conversation.

What's on your must listen list?