Our experts know how to improve sales, marketing and client service. And, their advice is available to Assette clients.
Expert Network

The Expert Network consists of experts who help investment management firms improve sales, marketing and client service. Contact these experts if you'd like to accumulate and retain assets, strengthen relationships and streamline business processes. You'll find a brief description of each provider below.

Chatham Partners

Do you know what your clients are really thinking about your firm? Do you know why you won or lost business? Chatham Partners conducts client satisfaction and win/loss surveys for institutional asset managers and provides other market research and consulting services that help you improve client service. For more information, please visit: www.chathampartners.com.

Contact: Peter Starr at 781.314.0600 or

Eager, Davis & Holmes

Do your marketing materials and sales presentations effectively tell your story? Do you know the final presentations tactics used by firms that consistently win business? Eager, Davis & Holmes can help you improve the effectiveness of both your underlying story and your presenters. Eager, Davis & Holmes works with asset managers to improve their sales and marketing capabilities. For more information, please visit: www.eagerdavisholmes.com.

Contact: Glenn Davis at 502.657.6478 or

Goodgood Design

Do your sales and client presentation materials make a positive first impression? Goodgood Design’s services create reports and presentations, carry your brand consistently through all your external-facing materials and make your story memorable with the right colors, fonts and content placement. For more information, please visit: www.goodgoodland.com.

Contact: Karen Stein at 857.277.0868 or

Guardian Performance Solutions LLC

Is your firm’s process for managing GIPS compliance keeping up with the growth of your firm? Guardian Performance Solutions is focused on helping asset managers implement the requirements of the GIPS standards. Because we do not provide verification services, we are free from independence concerns and can take a hands-on approach to developing and managing your GIPS compliance process. For more information, please visit: www.GuardianPerformanceSolutions.com.

Contact: Amy Jones, CIPM at (916) 282-2161 or

John Minahan, Ph.D., CFA

Does your investment philosophy effectively communicate how you believe investment opportunities occur and why you can take advantage of these opportunities before others? Showing that your investment decisions are consistent with your beliefs builds trust, and that helps win business and keep it during the inevitable ups and downs of the markets. John Minahan, Ph.D., CFA, former director of research at NEPC, and recent associate faculty director of the master of finance program at MIT Sloan School of Management, can help you better articulate your investment philosophy and communicate it though a compelling story.

Contact: Assette for more information.

Susan B. Weiner Investment Writing

Do your clients understand your expertise and insight? Are you clearly explaining your outlook on the economy and your investment decisions in your commentary? You could win new business and retain more clients with more effective communications. Susan B. Weiner Investment Writing works with asset managers to write, edit and strategically communicate ideas. For more information, please visit: www.investmentwriting.com.

Contact: Susan B. Weiner, CFA, at 617.969.4509 or