Assette for Web
Digitally communicate with clients and consultants
  • Increase transparency for clients and consultants through a secure client portal; transparency leads to trust and stronger relationships.
  • Provide timely insights on market conditions, economic events and drivers behind your investment decisions.
  • Allow prospective clients and consultants to securely explore your story at their convenience.
Let us show you how easy it is to increase transparency and trust via digital communications.
Provide exceptional client service
During those inevitable times when performance suffers, it is exceptional client service that buys you time to turnaround performance.

It is the time to double-up on communication efforts and explain how your investment decisions continue to reflect your philosophy and process—help clients stay the course by explaining changes you are making to the portfolio on a regular basis.

Keeping clients and consultants consistently updated also keeps you on top of their mind when they are looking to add more assets to outside managers.
Save time and money while delivering information faster
No longer is it sufficient to rely on regular mail to deliver client reports and other information. Your clients expect electronic delivery and timely correspondence.

Manual delivery is not only costly and unnecessary, but also a waste of paper. Stuffing envelopes take away time from serving clients.

With Assette, you increase convenience to clients while boosting internal efficiency. Combine your client portal with Assette for Clients for a seamless system to both produce and deliver client reports to clients and consultants.
Showcase operational excellence and enhance your professionalism
Providing daily visibility into portfolio information requires all your operational processes to be working in unison—operational due diligence is of key importance to prospective clients and consultants.

Letting clients see daily portfolio information is an indicator that your entire organization is integrated and working smoothly to add value to clients.

Your portal is branded to reflect your corporate image. Assette makes you look good while increasing client satisfaction.
Seamlessly integrate with your systems, with no need for manual processes
Interfaces built from the ground up for APX®, Axys®, Advent OnDemand®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, FactSet®, BondEdge®, and Excel® let you effortlessly transfer all of your data to your client portal. You don't need help from IT professionals.

All interfaces are pre-built. You download them from the web, and you are ready to send data in minutes. Send data daily, automatically.

Each time you send data, Assette runs over 260 checks to ensure that only accurate information is presented to your clients.
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