"Assette’s software will free up a substantial amount of time for our staff. This time can be re-allocated to proactive client service and business development initiatives."

James Gould
Alesco Advisors
"In the end, we came back to Assette as they demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs and an ability to solve our issues through their technology. Now we have the best of both worlds – a great reporting application integrated with a great accounting system. Furthermore, it was easy and painless to get started with Assette."

Ryan Collier
Senior Portfolio Manager
Bedel Financial Consulting
"We thoroughly evaluated Assette software and feel it’s best-in-class in the industry and delivered at a reasonable cost. Once implemented, we believe Assette will solve many of the client reporting challenges we’ve been dealing with for a long time."

Mike Skillman
Cadence Capital Management
"Assette, working closely with SPT, was able to support extracting our high volume of account data. We now push data from PortfolioCenter to Assette and create professional client reports in an efficient manner."

Scott Cross
Chief Operating Officer
HBK Sorce Financial
"Assette allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of spending time on manual work. The implementation of Assette went smoothly with the process taking about six weeks. Assette’s client service was excellent during the process."

Karen Agnew
Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing
Granahan Investment Management
"Assette EasyReports is an affordable way to improve the time-consuming process of creating and delivering client reports. With Assette, we’ll be able to give our clients the exact information they want and faster. We can shift what was an operational challenge into a competitive advantage."

Tommy Arnold
Boys, Arnold & Company
"Partnering with Assette allows us to not only improve our client reporting but also helps us enhance the overall level of client service we provide investors."

James Gould
Alesco Advisors

23 Oct 2017

Mercer Modernizes Manager Database as Platform Importance Grows

Thusith Mahanama, Assette’s CEO, discusses the growing importance and complexity of manager databases in this FundFire article.

(Subscription to FundFire required to view article).

27 Jun 2017

eVestment and Assette Partner to Offer Fully Automated Data Input Solution for eVestment Omni

Through this relationship, eVestment Omni users can now use Assette to automatically generate the data files required for upload to Omni. Assette’s software eliminates manually gathering data and creating the Excel spreadsheets for input to Omni…

10 May 2017

CFA Society Boston FinTech Conference

Assette's CEO Thusith Mahanama discussed how FinTech can reduce operational and regulatory risks. He was joined by David Blaszkowsky, MD of Financial Semantics and Dmitry Chesnokov, Assistant Director - Supervisory Attorney and Senior Technology Officer for the US SEC's Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations.

Canadian Manager Jarislowsky, Fraser Hires Assette for Multi-Lingual Client Portal

31 Mar 2017

Assette is pleased to announce that Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited, a leading Montreal-based global investment manager, has engaged Assette to provide its clients with enhanced online portfolio information and customized reporting.

By fully automating processes that take data from Advent APX directly into a secure, state-of-the-art client portal…

26 Jan 2017

Investment Philosophy and Manager Evaluation, Again
by John R. Minahan and Thusith I. Mahanama

Investing involves making decisions about a future that is sufficiently uncertain that we are never quite sure if we are making the best decision.

(May require subscription to JOI to view full article).

16 May 2016

Trust, but verify due diligence on long-only equity strategies, consultants say

Article featuring comments by Thusith Mahanama, Assette’s CEO, on operational due diligence in equity investment strategies was published by Pensions & Investments.

(May require subscription to P&I to view full article).

19 Jan 2016

Advertising & Marketing: Best Practices to Tackle This Perennial Challenge and Avoid Compliance Missteps

Hear critical do’s and don’ts to keep your firm on the right side of Commission advertising rules (and its many no-action letters) by registering for IA Watch’s January 26 webinar.

Click below to learn more and register.

4 Jan 2016

How to Minimize Errors in Investment Management Marketing Material
By Amy Jones, CIPM, Guardian Performance Solutions LLC, and Richard Kerr, K&L Gates LLP

The investment management industry has automated almost every aspect of its operations over the last several decades. However, when it comes to pulling together data from different parts of the organization…

2 Nov 2015

Are Your Client Reports Brand-boosters or Brand-busters?
by Joyce Walsh

The next time you are creating client reports and presentations, follow these seven tried-and-true design tips to give your clients a comfortable reading experience that underscores the message you want to convey…

6 Oct 2015

Do Your Client Reports Need a Makeover?

You put on your best outfit for your first meeting with a new client. Your offices are well-appointed, fresh coffee is served in your branded mugs. You know that first impressions can make or break a relationship, and you pay attention to the details in order to make this first impression a positive one…

30 Sep 2015


The 19th Annual Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) Conference was held in San Diego, California on September 17-18, 2015. Nearly 400 delegates from around the world attended the conference to learn about the latest developments in the GIPS standards and to network with their fellow investment performance measurement and compliance…

18 Aug 2015

15 Ways to Make Investment Reports Easier to Read
by Joyce Walsh

Most of us don’t think much about fonts, but they make a big difference in how your clients respond to the information you want to convey. Researchers at MIT found that good typography not only improved the readers’ moods, but subjects also underestimated the time it took to read the assigned text…

31 Jul 2015

Communicating Accurate Investment Results
Using automation to minimize operational, regulatory and reputational risks

Now, more than ever, asset managers must be vigilant stewards of investment returns, calculation methodologies and associated disclosures for any performance data included in marketing materials…

7 Jul 2015

The Client-Savvy Colors That Make Presentations More Effective
Seven ways advisors can use color to their advantage in client reporting and marketing material

Your client reports and marketing presentations are arguably the most public face of your practice. How they look and the colors you choose affect the way clients and prospects respond to the information you want to convey…

16 Jun 2015

How to Use Color to Make an Impact
By Dan Solin

Most firms have marketing materials available on their websites and in hard copy. And every advisor communicates with clients via email and through periodic performance reports. I have yet, however, to meet an advisor who pays the same attention to these materials as they do to their clothes or the way their office is appointed…

31 Mar 2015

GIPS is Becoming a Must-Have for All Investment Managers:
Making it Easy to Adopt and Adhere to the GIPS Standards

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) are a set of standardized, industrywide ethical principles that provide investment management firms with guidance on how to calculate and report their investment results to prospective clients…

23 Mar 2015

GIPS tips to avoid trouble on SEC exams

Article featuring comments by Thusith Mahanama, Assette’s CEO, on using technology to create GIPS-compliant presentations was published by IA Watch.

Click below to register for IA Watch free trial and read full article.

Assette launches “First Impressions Matter” Initiative

5 Mar 2015

Assette has partnered with Boston University Communications Professor Joyce Walsh in an initiative designed to help institutional asset managers understand the research behind the effects of color, font and information organization choices on target audiences for client reports and marketing pitch books…

Assette Implements New Features to Automate GIPS, Firm Overview Information and More!

14 Nov 2014

Assette, the leader in cloud-based sales and client communications solutions to the institutional asset management industry, announced a number of significant enhancements related to automating GIPS disclosure slides, firm overview information and more. “Global Investment Performance Standards, or GIPS, is a must-have for any manager marketing to institutional clients,” according to Paula A. Garcia, Assette’s Marketing Manager…

1 Oct 2014

Assette's Active Share article is featured on the cover of the October issue of Benefits Magazine

Active Share: Put some “Moneyball” in your next trustee meeting
How one nerdy statistic helps plan trustees see how active their managers really are

26 Sep 2014

Assette’s article, “Are your managers as active as you think they are?” is published on Top 1000 Funds. The article explains why measuring how active asset managers actually are is useful for investors. Also, discusses how “active share” can be used by institutional investors to assess fees, measure and monitor managers styles and maintain portfolio diversification…

2 Apr 2014

The National Council on Teacher Retirement (NCTR) has published Assette’s white paper on how trustees at pension plans can use active share to fulfill fiduciary responsibilities. Active share puts a new spin on evaluating a manager’s active contribution to return and helps to quantify how active (or passive) a manager really is, the persistency of their conviction to their style mandate and the extent to which style drift affects their portfolio…

Granahan Investment Management Implements Assette’s Sales and Client Communications Software

27 Mar 2014

"Assette allows us to focus on serving our clients instead of spending time on manual work,” said Karen Agnew, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing for Granahan Investment Management. “The implementation of Assette went smoothly with the process taking about six weeks. Assette’s client service was excellent during the process."…

19 Mar 2014

Paying Active Fees for Passive Management?

Identifying truly active managers is a constant challenge for plan sponsors. The market downturn of 2007-2008 sent most managers running for the cover of their benchmarks. Many never left—they still tout an active approach, but never stray too far from the index…

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