Get started in days, not weeks, with no hardware to buy or software to install. You won't even need help from your IT staff.

Assette is a cloud-based software platform built specifically for the investment management industry. Onboarding Assette is easy. You are able to put the power of Assette to work quickly.

Assette provides all the interfaces necessary to send data straight through from your portfolio accounting and analytics systems to your sales and client communications.

Once you sign the agreements, we set up Assette for you within a few business days. After that, getting started with Assette is fast, as the steps outlined below show. Our Client Service team is always ready to help and make sure configuring Assette for your own needs is smooth and easy.
How Long and Who Does It
1). Setup

After you sign agreements, we provision Assette for your use. This includes:
  • Allocating hardware capacity in both production and back-up data centers, and provisioning infrastructure software.
  • Setting up application software, including creating databases and specifying system-level settings.
  • Deploying data-processing jobs and applicable data validations.
We then test the setup to make sure everything is ready for your use.
A few business days.

Assette does all the work.
2). Configuration

During the first training session, you configure the Connectors (data interfaces) and send portfolio accounting and analytics data to Assette. Setting up Connectors to accounting systems takes about 30 minutes – our innovative Connectors automatically discover the settings needed to interface with your systems.

Depending on the number of accounts you have, the data transfer process will take anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours. Plan on about 1 hour for 1,000 accounts.

In subsequent training sessions, we help you configure Assette to calculate firm AUM data; enter insights, such as buy/sell rationale, and content, such as philosophy, team bios, etc.; and create templates using Assette’s table and chart layouts. Most firms prefer a training session every 7-10 days.

If you are using Assette for Web to provide a client portal, then page templates are already set up, and we show you how to provide access to your investors.
About 6-8 weeks, depending on the way you work.

You configure the system with assistance from Assette.

Our training sessions guide you every step of the way.
3). Automatic Production

You are now ready to automatically generate sales and client communications materials, sending professional communications that are full of insights and clearly show the value you provide.

When you need to generate materials, whether daily, monthly or quarterly, just send data to Assette, update insights and other qualitative content, and generate the required output in seconds.

If you using Assette for Web, then there is no work. Data transfer is initiated per an automated schedule, and portal users are presented with portfolio information as they login to your site.
You are in full control.

Assette’s Client Service team is always ready to help.
Whether you need help with configuration or ongoing production, Assette Client Service is always ready to help. We respond within 15 minutes during NYSE business hours. We help you via phone, email and WebEx.

Also, don’t forget the Assette Promise: We stand behind our products and services. We promise to delight you through setup and beyond with our 90-day unconditional cancellation policy. There is no fine print. If you’re not happy within 90 days of system setup, cancel with no further obligations. It’s that simple!

There is really no risk with Assette!
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