Get started in days, not weeks, with no hardware to buy or software to install. You won't even need help from your IT staff.

Assette is a secure, cloud-based software platform built specifically for the asset management industry. Onboarding Assette is easy. You are able to put the power of Assette to work quickly.

Assette works with asset management firms of all sizes. Clients we onboard typically fall into one of two types:
  • Standard Clients
  • Custom Clients
Once agreements are signed, standard clients are set up within a few business days. Custom clients may take about 90-120 to set up. After setup is completed, we provide a series of training sessions so you can use Assette to easily create all your sales and client materials. No matter what type of client you are, a highly qualified Client Project Manager will guide you every step of the way during setup and onboarding.

See our Onboarding Roadmap page for details on the two types of projects and the training we offer.

After setup and onboarding, Assette Client Service is always ready to help. Our Client Service team responds to your queries within 15 minutes. We help you via phone, email and WebEx.