How data flows from operational systems to client reports and pitch books in Assette software
  Sales Enablement
Win new business by communicating insights behind your numbers. Stop wasting time on manual production work.
  • Automatically create all sales materials and eliminate human error.
  • Prepare the complete set of information for eVestment Omni with a few clicks and populate databases before the competition.
  • Show consistent information across all materials; no more data discrepancies between fact sheets, pitch books and manager databases.

  Client Reporting
Strengthen relationships by taking client communications beyond holdings and performance; convey the thinking behind investment decisions.
  • Streamline the way you produce client reports and client presentations.
  • Automatically complete consultant and client questionnaires requesting information about your funds and client accounts.
  • Reflect your brand across all client materials with consistent colors, fonts and easy-to-read content.
  Digital Engagement
Increase transparency by keeping clients and consultants continuously updated.
  • Provide secure online access to portfolio information and video commentary and help clients better understand your story.
  • Showcase operational excellence with daily visibility into portfolios.
  • Free up time to strengthen relationships by allowing clients and consultants to self-answer routine questions.

  Software Highlights

  • Data
    Effortlessly integrate data with pre-built interfaces to leading systems such as Eagle, APX, FactSet and StatPro.
  • Narratives
    House the latest information about your firm, strategies, people, and specific investment decisions in Assette.
  • Workflows
    Define workflows to automate input collection, output creation and content review.