Data integration made easy. Robust, proven interfaces to leading data sources - APX®, Axys®, Advent OnDemand®, PortfolioCenter®, FactSet®, BondEdge® and Excel®.
Data Interfaces

Easy-to-use data interfaces make you more efficient. With over 15 years of experience integrating data from a wide variety of investment management software, Assette has the easiest-to-use interfaces to the industry's leading systems. There is no IT effort needed to set-up the interfaces; they are pre-built, downloadable from the web and you are ready to send data in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly integrate all the data you need for sales and client communications.

All Assette data interfaces are designed to work strictly on a read-only basis, so when you send data, there is no need to worry about your sensitive data being updated without your knowledge.

The data you send to Assette is checked for errors and combined with your insights and investment stories so you can easily and effectively convey your value. You can send data monthly, quarterly or even daily to consistently keep your clients and consultants updated. There is no need to send data separately for each application – Assette for Sales, Assette for Clients and the Assette for Web all draw from the same rich pool of data making it easy for you to communicate accurately and efficiently.

Advent Portfolio Exchange® (APX)

The APX Connector draws on public views provided by Advent and four custom reports created by Assette to allow you to quickly push data to Assette. Assette has worked with APX data since 2008.

Advent Axys®

The Axys Connector taps the underlying system files—CLI, GRP, PBF, PRF, INF, etc.—and four custom reports written by Assette to let you easily push data for sales and client communications. Assette has worked with Axys data since 2003.

Advent OnDemand®

The Advent OnDemand Connector was developed with assistance from Advent and automatically runs on the OnDemand platform based on a schedule defined by you. The connector sends all the data needed for professional communications. Assette has worked with Advent OnDemand data since 2012.

Schwab PortfolioCenter®

The PortfolioCenter Connector links directly to the underlying database and leverages two native reports to make transferring data effortless. Assette has worked with PortfolioCenter data since 2009. Assette is also a third-party provider of Schwab Performance Technologies.


The FactSet Connector lets you automatically refresh Excel files with the latest data from FactSet. Alternatively, you can setup FactSet Batcher to produce high-volume data sets. Showing attribution, characteristics, and other analytics data in your sales and client material has never been this easy.


Assette's pre-built application retrieves data from standard Excel-based reports produced by BondEdge. Displaying fixed income analytics data in your sales and client communications just became easy. Assette has been working with BondEdge since 2005.


Assette’s pre-built application captures target data from a native Moxy report so you can easily show actual-versus-target allocation information to your clients. Assette has been working with Moxy since 2012.

ProxyEdge® by Broadridge

Assette’s pre-built application extracts all your proxy voting details from a native ProxyEdge report. You define the report once in ProxyEdge, and then run it each month or quarter and upload the resulting Excel file to Assette. Assette automatically pulls this data into your client reports so the proxy information looks professional and consistent with other reports you send to clients. With Assette, there is no more manually combining proxy data with the rest of your client reports. Assette has been working with ProxyEdge since 2013.

Other Information

Assette lets you easily incorporate rich content to create sales and client communications filled with insights:
  • Buy/Sell Rationale—Tell clients and consultants your reasons for purchasing and selling securities. Assette generates the list of purchases and sales across all accounts. You simply provide the reasons. Assette automatically shows the appropriate reasons in the right accounts and composites, based on actual holdings.
  • Company Descriptions—Show your clients and consultants a description of the top holdings. Type in a short description for each company, and Assette will automatically display the descriptions based on actual holdings.
  • Sector Rationale—Provide insight into your reasons for holding certain sectors. You don’t need to worry about which account holds which sectors. Simply provide reasons for all sectors held, and Assette will display the information based on actual sectors held in accounts and composites.

That’s not all, Assette makes it easy to update content ranging from firm updates to investment process to market perspectives – there is no limit to the insights and stories you can incorporate into sales and client communications. You use PowerPoint to create and house this content within Assette applications. Visit our products page to learn how Assette enables you to go beyond charts and graphs to create sales and client communications filled with insights and investment stories.
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