Introducing Smart Docs

22 Jul 2021

To kick off 2021, we took a moment to look forward to the year ahead and what new opportunities might emerge for asset managers. One of these is digitization, specifically taking the necessary steps to push aside time-consuming elements of the job in favor of greater client focus. 

Today we officially unveiled Assette Smart Doc capabilities that take our commitment to streamlining these processes and eliminating these manual elements of the job one step further.  With Smart Docs, we have eliminated the need for manual updates and given your team the ability to build and edit presentations and clients reports by dragging and dropping within a browser yet keeping the familiar Microsoft PowerPoint format.

Here’s how it works. 

You use Assette to convert sales and client communications such as pitch books, client reports and factsheet into what we call a Smart Doc. A Smart Doc is comprised of multiple pages/slides and on each page, there are charts, tables and text blocks that are linked to data sources like performance, attribution, holdings, etc. as well as bios and photographs.

This link is key. It means that when data is updated, the updates flow through all of your sales and client communications automatically. No more manual editing and multiple rounds of red-penning and no more worrying that you missed an update or accidentally put the decimal point in the wrong spot.

For example, a team member gets a new certification and adds these details to their bio while another employee corrects a transaction and updates performance. Once this content is updated, all of these changes automatically flow through to any Smart Doc that includes this content, whether it’s just one, five, or 200.

The other important benefit to Smart Docs is that they give your team the ability to create and edit content quickly with a no-code approach. With Smart Docs users can link data fields onto slides right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. If you want the same slide repeated for multiple strategies or the previous quarter-end, no more scripting with if-then statements and multiple rounds of testing. Simply drag-and-drop pages and then specify conditions settings. Need to show performance in multiple currencies? Simply create a virtual copy of the performance page and update the data settings.

By removing manual processes, Smart Docs ensure the accuracy of all communications while eliminating the need for lengthy building, editing and approval cycles. This means customized reports can be created more quickly, on the fly while the teams can be more responsive to client requests and more focused on sharing the details driving investment results.

In a world where speed and accuracy are vital, this smart opportunity is something no asset manager can afford to ignore.

Curious to see Smart Docs in action? Reach out to Brian Duddyfor a demo today!