How Assette’s Unified Data Engine Works

02 Nov 2020

Your firm, clients, and investment philosophy aren’t old school, and your approach to data shouldn’t be either. 

Assette software delivers a more modern approach to data for asset managers. It helps your firm meet rising client expectations with shrinking resources, drives productivity gains, and better positions your firm for future growth. 

Here’s how Assette’s Unified Data Engine works. 

Assette gathers your quantitative data using interfaces to industry-leading data providers such as eVestment, BNY Mellon Eagle, Advent , and FactSet, as well as qualitative data you input about your firm, strategies, and personnel.  

Your data is housed in one place – your very own marketing data warehouse.  From that single, trusted source of data, you can generate, review, and deliver sales, client, and digital communications using built-in output tools. No need for added software, additional vendors, or costly custom integrations. 

This entire process happens in the cloud, giving you and your team, secure anytime, anywhere access. 

The Unified Data Engine is what makes Assette different from every other piece of technology out there. The best part is that it pays for itself– usually quickly — through productivity gains and the ability to redirect resources to revenue-generating activities. 

Our current clients report 90+% gains in productivity with Assette.

Curious to see what it could do for your organization? Request a customized ROI Assessment from our team today.