GIPS® Compliant Presentations
Create PowerPoint-based GIPS® Compliant Presentations with just a few clicks.
  • Automatically calculate statistical data – no more manual work, no more errors.
  • Verification period, examination period and other updates automatically reflected in disclosures.
  • Compliance-approved GIPS® slides automatically pulled into sales pitch books and finals presentations.
Instill trust in asset owners and consultants by automatically calculating statistical data and creating GIPS-compliant presentations

Let us show you how easy it is to create GIPS® Compliant Presentations
Set up compliant presentations using the tool you know best, PowerPoint!
Here’s how – We provide the elements that make up a compliant presentation: A table for statistical data and all GIPS® disclosures.

The table contains all statistics required by GIPS® — you select the ones applicable to you. Even statistics regarding non-fee-paying assets and bundled-fees are automatically calculated.

Just place the table on a PowerPoint slide and add the disclosures applicable to you. That’s all there is to it! What could be easier?
Updates are automatic
Say good-bye to Excel and time-consuming manual updates. And no more showing last year-end’s numbers in October. Because there’s no manual effort, you can now update GIPS® material every quarter.

Just click a few buttons and Assette calculates the statistical data for you. Update the verification period and examination details right in Assette — all your updates are merged directly into the disclosures.

Send the generated GIPS® slides to compliance for review and approval. The result: An updated GIPS®-compliant PowerPoint presentation slide for each composite.
Fully integrated with sales presentations and fact sheets
This GIPS® functionality is a part of Assette for Sales — the leading cloud-based sales communications software in the investment management industry.

With Assette, compliance-approved GIPS® slides are automatically pulled into sales presentations. If there is no up-to-date GIPS® slide, then only presentations with a “For Internal Use Only” watermark can be produced — an important compliance safeguard for you.

And that’s not all! Assette also scans sales slides to ensure that mandatory disclosures are included. For example, slides with attribution must have the “supplementary information” disclosure. Once again, if disclosures are missing, we make sure only for-internal-use versions can be generated.