Over 260 fully automated data checks to ensure error-free sales and client communications.
Automatic Data Checks

Professional-looking sales and client communications don’t mean much if the content is full of errors. When you send data to Assette, it goes through over 260 automated checks to ensure consistency and error-proof integration.

These checks look for everything from missing prices to discrepancies in performance intervals. Data is cross-referenced to make sure all the data necessary to create accurate and complete sales and client communications has reached Assette.

Data checks alert you to data errors so you can fix them before clients and consultants see them, saving you time, frustration and potential embarrassment.

If only a few accounts have errors, Assette pinpoints these so there's no delay in producing material for accounts with no errors. Once you fix the data in source systems, simply re-publish data for the affected accounts, no time is wasted and reports can be easily completed.

See below for a summary of Assette data checks.
Overview Examples
File Structure Checks Verifies that the data files sent to Assette are valid and formatted correctly.
  • Are the file names in the correct formats?
  • Are the file dates correct?
  • Are the files received at Assette consistent with all the records that were in the file when you started sending the files?
Data Completeness Verifies that the data in each file is complete.
  • Are there any accounts missing an inception date?
  • Are any extracts empty?
  • Are date fields in the correct format?
Referential Integrity Cross checks data among all files and verifies that a complete set of data is available for all accounts.
  • Are there holdings for all accounts?
  • Are there performance factors/intervals for all accounts?
  • Are all securities held across all accounts available in the security master?

With Assette, clean data powers professional-looking, insightful sales and client communications.