A few simple steps make sure you send accurate data to Assette.
Data Requirements

We work with you to ensure your portfolio management system is set-up correctly to work smoothly with Assette. This means:
  • Maintaining performance at the relevant levels—Assette relies on the performance factors (intervals) in your system to calculate the performance periods you show on sales and client communications. If you intend to report performance for groups, asset classes, and sectors, in addition to individual accounts, then performance intervals must be maintained at all these levels.
  • Maintaining index values—Index values must be maintained to properly reflect index performance. If you don’t maintain index values in your portfolio management system, we will work with you so you can provide and maintain them.
  • Preparing securities by reporting categories—Your securities must be marked by asset class, sector, security type, etc. You only need to prepare securities for categories you intend to report, and Assette can help you do this.
  • Use of the portfolio management system per recommendations by the vendor— Your portfolio management system should be setup and used in ways recommended by your system vendor. As an example, you should be coding asset classes, sectors, etc. in fields intended for those purposes by the vendor. If your system is not setup according to vendor recommendations, Assette can assist you by providing custom data connectors. These custom connectors will prepare only the data to be used with Assette, and will not alter the data in your portfolio management system.
  • Automatic transfer of custom fields and labels—If you have created custom fields or labels to store certain data items, these customized changes will get transferred to Assette with zero work on your part.
Uncertain as to whether your data is accurate or properly prepared? Don’t worry. If anything is missing to create accurate sales and client communications, our data checks will alert you to areas of concern and Assette will work with you to ensure accurate, easy data integration.