Assette for Clients
Client presentations, client statements and account-level data for consultants
  • Dramatically slash time you spend preparing client reports; spend more time on content that demonstrates how you add value to clients.
  • Delight clients and consultants by communicating the thinking behind your investment decisions.
  • Reflect your brand message across all client materials with consistent colors, fonts and easy-to-read content.
Let us show you how easy it is to create professional client materials that convey your insights.
Provide rich content while eliminating manual work
Generating client reports and presentations is simple—automatically transfer data to Assette and you are ready to generate client material with just a few clicks.

Go beyond charts and graphs and include your perspectives on the market, rationale for overweighting a particular sector and how the largest contributors and detractors reflect your philosophy.

Securely email client reports directly from Assette or publish to a secure web portal. Still mailing paper copies of reports to clients? No problem. Assette creates mail-ready packets so you simply print, stuff, and mail.
Customize client reports and presentations, using Microsoft PowerPoint®
Assette empowers client service staff, sparing them the need to contact programmers to prepare customized reports for clients—our report editor is Microsoft PowerPoint®.

Now, client service staff—the people who know clients best—can customize reports and presentation using a tool they already know.

It's easy to customize content for different clients and consultants and you can even create a custom template for each client. The choice is yours. Setting up templates is a one-time effort.
We’ve taken the work out of generating data for consultants
Complete monthly or quarterly account-level data requests by consultants and asset owners with only a few clicks.

You answer one set of questions about changes at your firm, and Assette couples this information with portfolio data to fill out multiple data requests.

Our automated process drastically reduces manual inputs — saving you time, resources and human errors.

Click here to learn more and see the consultants we support.
Enhance your client material and your corporate image
Improve your reports by going beyond the basics and present data using professionally designed charts and tables covering everything from performance to characteristics.

Make your communications look professional and contemporary – no more tables with the '80s look, too few charts and inconsistent fonts and colors. Assette lets you produce stunning reports that enhance your corporate brand.

Visit our Gallery to see the vast array of professional charts and tables that are ready to use, out-of-the-box.
Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and ensure data quality
Interfaces built from the ground up for APX®, Axys®, Advent OnDemand®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, FactSet®, BondEdge®, and Excel® let you effortlessly send all of your data to Assette. You don't need help from IT professionals.

All interfaces are pre-built into Assette’s client communications software. You download them from the web, and you are ready to send data for thousands of accounts.

Each time you send data, Assette runs over 260 checks to ensure that only accurate information appears in your client material.
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