Automatically Generate Input for eVestment Omni
Finally— a way to generate data for manager databases in seconds.
  • Every quarter, you fill out Excel files and then submit them to eVestment Omni. The completeness, timeliness and accuracy of data you provide is critical for the success of your firm.
  • The data you provide covers firmwide updates and personnel details, as well as strategy-specific performance, holdings, sectors and other information.
  • Populating Excel files is manual and error-prone. You spend valuable time copying and pasting portfolio data and updating personnel information. Even more time is spent on multiple rounds of reviews and adjustments.
Read on to learn how Sales Enablement automates the entire process — letting you input comprehensive information while eliminating manual work and "last-mile" errors.

Data is automatically taken from your systems
Sales Enablement automatically extracts data about your strategies from your portfolio accounting and analytics systems — eliminating all manual input of performance, holdings, characteristics and other data.

Fully automated data checks ensure that extracted data is clean and complete.

The same data is leveraged across Sales Enablement to generate fact sheets and sales presentations, ensuring that consultants and asset owners see consistent information across manager databases and other marketing documents.
Personnel details and AUM changes are automatically maintained
You only set up personnel information in Assette once, updating only when people join or leave the firm.

Information about the number of people in portfolio management, client service, compliance and other functions, as well as their years of experience at your firm and in the industry is automatically maintained.

Total and account-specific AUM gained and lost are automatically calculated based on portfolio data.
Generating input files is easy
Whether your input files are organized by investment strategy or by information categories such as personnel, sectors or performance, Assette automatically generates the entire data set needed by eVestment Omni.

Each quarter-end, you can automatically push data, update changes to personnel information, and generate the files you send to eVestment with a few clicks.

Files are generated in seconds and saved to a location specified by you — you then submit files to eVestment Omni. It’s that simple.