Automatically Generate Account-Level Data for Consultants
Finally—a tool that produces consultant data requests in seconds.
  • Every month or quarter some consultants require you to fill out Excel or Word documents regarding each portfolio you manage for mutual clients.
  • The questions include changes at your firm, as well as performance, holdings, sector exposure and other data about each account. While all consultants generally ask for the same data, the structure of Excel or Word documents you complete differs by consultant.
  • Populating these various documents is manual and error-prone. You spend valuable time copying and pasting information into Excel and Word, and conducting multiple rounds of review to verify accuracy.
Read on to learn how Client Reporting automates the entire process — eliminating manual work and associated errors.
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Portfolio data is automatically taken from your systems
Data is automatically extracted from your portfolio accounting and analytics systems — zero human touch to input performance, holdings, attribution and other portfolio data.

Fully automated data checks ensure that extracted data is clean and complete.

This data is also leveraged across Client Reporting to generate client reports and client meeting books, ensuring that consultants see consistent information across all client communications produced by your firm.
Answer a single list of questions for all consultants
We have prepared a master list of questions by analyzing the array of questions posed by multiple consultants. The list covers everything from updates to firm personnel to changes to AUM and more.

You simply answer qualitative questions—and you can even auto-fill answers based on last quarter’s input to save time.

AUM-related input is automatically calculated along with other data-driven answers.
Updates to data files are automatic and easy
It only takes 2 clicks for you to associate documents from different consultants with relevant accounts—and you only need to do it once.

Each month- or quarter-end, automatically push data, update the master list of questions, and in just a few clicks, you’ve filled out the account-level data requests.

The data files are generated in seconds and saved to your specified location. You then submit files to consultants. It doesn’t get any easier than that!