Assette has been helping the investment industry deliver insights since 1998. Our software lets you automate manual work and reduce risks. Our consulting services help you tell a better story and deliver professionally designed materials.

Assette software automatically uploads data from portfolio accounting and analytics systems, adds the insights behind your investment results, and makes creating professional sales and client communications materials easy.

Assette consulting services help you tell a coherent story to clients and consultants, and improves the appearance of sales and client materials.

Our software and consulting services enable you to differentiate your firm from the competition and better communicate the value you provide to clients.

Setting up Assette software is easy. There's no need to disrupt or replace your existing systems. Assette applications are cloud-based and available 24/7 to your staff and clients.

Your data is safe with Assette. All applications are hosted at secure, SOC 2-certified data centers that employ multiple layers of security to safeguard your data.

Assette is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and is dedicated to providing high-quality software and consulting services, backed by the best client service in the industry.
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