“Previously the preparation of our quarterly reports involved sorting, collating, stapling and extra printing plus the time to double check the accuracy of each packet. Now the process is streamlined, with packets assembled in minutes and accuracy assured.”
Nancy Bryan
Investment Planner
Aequitas Investment Advisors
With Assette, institutional investment managers easily communicate insights and investment stories to clients and consultants.
  • Win clients and retain assets by sharing insights behind your investment results.
  • Demonstrate the value you add through active management.
  • Eliminate errors resulting from manual data rekeying and manipulation.
Assette is quick to onboard, simple to use and backed by the best client service in the industry.
Overview of challenges faced by institutional investment managers in communicating the value of active management and how Assette simplifies creating sales pitch books, client reports and client portals.Interfaces to APX®, Axys®, Schwab PortfolioCenter®, FactSet®, BondEdge® and Excel®. Quickly create presentations and reports, using Microsoft PowerPoint®, to communicate the value you add to clients and consultants.
Assette Overview (2:42)
Active portfolio or incompatible benchmark? 3 ways active share can help managers demonstrate the difference
How can you prove that your high active share comes from skill and not a poorly chosen benchmark? Here are 3 ways to test a portfolio for benchmark compatibility and its slippery cousin, style consistency.

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